Smart Metering

revenue stadia
revenue stadia

Smart Water Meters and Smart Power Meters

So you want a hassle free billing/invoicing and collection of water bills for your apartment, estate or commercial building? You are at the right place! We are the leading smart water meters provider in East Africa. We offer the best and the latest water metering solution in the market. And affordable too!

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With Revenue Stadia you are able to;

  • Automatically invoice and send water bills to your tenants/customers in a timely fashion.
  • Do timely and hassle-free collection of Water Bills.
    • Automatic reminders (SMS and Email)
    • Automatic Service shutdown (Water Meter)
    • Automated restriction(inconvenience) of access
    • Allow multiple payment options including Visa, Mastercard and mobile money (i.e. Mpesa and Airtel Money)
  • Deploy prepaid or post-paid tariffs, your choice. Or even both.
  • Do away with errors and disputes arising from overbilled clients using the traditional water meters.
  • Eliminate revenue leakage from underbilled clients.

Innovative technology

Our smart metering technology is seamless and wireless. Our Smart water meters will fit into your existing plumbing/infrastructure without any additional costs.

  • Yes, we shall deploy for you only the best, and most reliable and resilient technology (LoRa).
  • Yes it requires no GSM capability but provides real-time updating.

Easy to Operate

  • Start smart billing & revenue collection in a matter of seconds.
  • We provide 7 years guarantee on our smart meters. Yes, 7 years!

Manage properties remotely

  • Have control to open and close meters and provide access remotely.