Rent Management

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Rent Management

Is rent collection becoming a nightmare? Do you spend time generating invoices and performing rental reconciliations? What a better way than to make use of your time than to use Revenue Stadia.

Revenue stadia has a robust rent management software that automatically generates leases for your new tenants, then generates invoices every cycle as per the details captured in the lease agreement.

When your tenant pays, it will make reconciliations and automatically generate and send receipts to the client.

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With revenue stadia rent management software you are able to;

  • Manage rent collection for multiple properties.
  • Add a customizable lease agreement.
  • Generate rent or sale leases for your customers.
  • Bill and invoice automation including notifications and reminders.
  • Receive payments via M-pesa, bank, cheque, cash etc.
  • View all rent commission and invoice/income statements.
  • Settlement and reconciliations.
  • Document management from lease, invoices and receipts.

Easy to Operate

Start smart billing & revenue collection in a matter of seconds.

Manage Properties Remotely

Access reports and dashboards on revenue collection while on the move or in the diaspora.