LORA Smart Water Meter
System structure diagram as follows

Server sends a command to the data concentrator through the cloud network.

Concentrator transforms the received command into radio signal and send the signal to the water meter.

Water meter respond and execute the command accordingly.

Water meter delivers the result or data back to the management center as per the original route after the action is finished.

  • Quality Gurantee: Water meter for 1 year.
  • Support install guide & test in site.
  • Date sheet can be sent to other management system easily.
Brief Introduction

LoRa wireless water meter adopts advanced wireless transmission technology, which transforms information of conventional mechanical water meter into electrical signal that stored by micro-electronics control circuit. It is able to automatically read the metering data via wireless remote network and control the close and open of the valve.

  • Our lora water meter has high accuracy
  • Type: Dry dial/screw/seal
  • Material: Cast Iron/brass
  • Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064
  • Waterproof level:IP68
  • Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.
  • Accuracy: Class b
  • Water temperature: 0.1℃~50℃ ( 0.1℃~90℃ for hot water meter)
  • Fitting: Concentrator/Repeater/connctor/PCB/valve control/strainer/reading device/valve actuator/plastic cover/battery operated/coupling/pointer/components/counter/accessories/register/ball valve
  • Communication: lora/wireless remote/local internet/Private Protocol
  • With anti-magnetic interference function
  • With the battery voltage detection function
  • Module with automatic data storage function when power down arises, assuring the data won’t lost when power down
  • With 7 layers 8 types of price to support market demand
  • The joint of the RF module and the base meter uses the integrated structure with built-in antenna, which reducing the damage of antenna during the process of installation
  • Using LoRa transfer mode can drastically extend the communication distance
  • The module use of deep dormancy time design is able to completely close the wireless module during the deep dormancy time period (not in operation during night time ), which drastically help to reduce power dissipation; ·Whole circuit board uses of ultra low power consumption design, power suuply by high capacity lithium battery and battery life over 6 years
  • Set up the metering devices by the handset reader and check the original data and data from meter reading
  • AMI function that supports the system is able to control of valve opening or closing on real-time
Outline Dimensional Drawing
Technical Specifications