Landlords & Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Agents and Landlords have a competitive advantage with Revenue Stadia. It will give them an upper hand when dealing with Real Estate because they will be offering centralization, efficiency and cost reduction to property owners and managers.

Residents & Tenants

Tenants will have a mobile application where they can make payment, view their invoices and order for maintenance to be done.

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revenue stadia
revenue stadia
revenue stadia
revenue stadia
revenue stadia



Water Service Providers

Revenue Stadia is enabling Water Service Provides across East Africa to centralize management of their services, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency of their services to their clients.


Gated Communities

Gated communities have been given the power to manage how they pay for utilities, manage levy and centralize maintenance of anything item in their respective homes.


Community Based Organizations

Community Based organizations can use Revenue Stadia to manage their properties, revenue, and utilities with high levels of efficiency.



Internet Service providers can now collect their payments through Revenue Stadia. The easiest ISP connected to Revenue Stadia is Flynet.



In cases where a property has a parking space that requires a payment after, Revenue Stadia will efficiently collect the parking fee on behalf of the property managers.