From the start of 2021, Revenue Stadia has been driven by the belief that having a smart home in this era should not be a difficult decision to make. We are a new technology that gives everyone the opportunity to either fully make their homes smart or partially do so without any obstructions while providing a financial management and a facility management platform all in one place. The spirit of wanting to experience and navigate every bit of the new and ever-changing disruptive technological landscape has encouraged every aspect of Revenue Stadia. We are reshaping the narrative of technology, IoT, and smart homes, facility management and this gives purpose to what we do every day.

Our foundation lies in making life easier, fun, and intuitively solving problems regarding any kind of property and home in the world. From the very beginning, revenue Stadia’s foundation has been set on helping people turn their properties from traditional settings and placing them on the technological landscape, giving them control of what they own and providing efficient administration. We started by managing a few properties in Kenya and have grown to include property in East Africa. Today, we are turning thousands of properties smart and providing scalable online property software management while respecting privacy of information that our clients give to us.

Partnering with Revenue Stadia gives you effortless access to the evolving technology without struggle. We connect and empower you to thrive in technology, give you direct power to manage and reduce costs in your property and effectively give you control of what you own.

In a world where every new piece of information and disruption becomes a new normal, keeping up can be a challenge. We are filling the gap by integrating these pieces of disruption in your property every day. We value our partners and that is why they’re always at the center of every invention that we make.

Revenue Stadia is bult on the foundations of family, team spirit and fun hard conversations that are shaping our world. Build your property and let us help you map it on the technological landscape. And when a disruption happens in this landscape, we are here to make sure you keep up. You have a vision for you property, we have a way to take you there and more. Subscribe to our service today!