The management of this large, gated community in one of Kenya's driest regions was troubled by the inefficiencies that come with managing such many units owned by different people and based on manual systems. In particular, they were finding it hard dealing with tenant disputes over bill discrepancies and unpaid bills.

Revenue Stadia proposed the transition into smart water meters and the use of our digital service management model. This solution yielded almost instant results increasing tenant satisfaction, improving utility billing and collection and a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Benefits unlocked include:

  • Flexibility to add an unlimited number of users i.e., tenants, residents and staff onto our platform.

  • Streamlined comm unication with ability to share important community information via SMS, email, or mobile app notifications.

  • Control to enforce payment with automated reminders, late fees and remote switch off/on of meters.

  • Insightful property analytics and financial reporting.