Maintenance Management

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Maintenance Management

As a property manager or owner your main obligation is ensuring tenants are happy and tenant retention rates are high, but with so many other facility issues to manage, this goal can often seem out of reach. Equipment failures, grounds repairs, and tenant requests often consume work schedules—and leave little time for much else.

Revenue Stadia offers a powerful configurable maintenance management software that will seamlessly grow with your needs, helps you improve tenant and resident satisfaction rates, and enable you to make data-driven decisions about your team and your facilities.

By Using Revenue Stadia your property stands to benefit as follows;

  • Allow residents and tenants to make maintenance requests as tickets.
  • Request will be assigned and responded to in a timely manner.
  • Avoid dispute of bills in none landlord repairs through a bill approval workflow.
  • Improve tenant satisfaction and increase occupancy levels.
  • Track labour for members of the maintenance team to ensure standard and quality.
  • Create checklists to ensure all inspections are running accurately and efficiently.

Features you will fall in love with

Tenant Requests to allow residents/tenants to submit issues with photos and description, and maintenance team to work on, requests within the system, keeping everyone in the loop on work orders and their status.

Preventive Maintenance Software to Schedule recurring maintenance for each of your properties and alert tenants before they occur.

Reporting & Analytics to track the performance of your team, your equipment, and each of your buildings to ensure your team and assets are optimized.

Maintenance Inventory Management to ensure proper levels of inventory for all of your equipment and buildings to decrease stock outs and storage costs.

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