Revenue Stadia is an intuitive, scalable property management software that is developed for property managers to manage units in a property or multiple properties.

Revenue Stadia provides solutions for rent, levy, maintenance, and utility management.

Yes, Revenue Stadia can be used by small households for levy and utility management

Our Smart Meters are readily available across East Africa. Call our help desk on +254 709 902 880 for more information. Alternatively, visit our shop section to browse through our Smart Meters

Revenue Stadia has almost all the solutions to manage any type of property and collect revenue with high levels of accuracy. Our systems automatically produce invoices and lease documents that you can print or keep them in soft copy.

Our Smart Meters are available at affordable prices. Conduct our sales representative on +254 709 902 880

The smart meters are controlled remotely. The property managers can switch them on and off from anywhere they are.

Power blackouts do not affect the Smart Meters. They are powered by batteries that last for 7 years.

Yes, as long as the serial number for the Smart Meters are available to the person willing to make payment, they can do so through M-Pesa or a Visa Card.

Tenants will pay rent and utility bills through M-Pesa or Visa Card that is integrated within Revenue Stadia Mobile Application.

The owners of the property will be able to withdraw their money from Revenue Stadia. There will be four stages of approval before the money is released into their accounts. The process will take a maximum of two days.

They are powered by batteries that last for 10 years.

No, there are no extra charges after buying our Smart Meters.

The property managers have access to a list of trusted technicians that they will assign maintenance tasks whenever they are raised by tenants.

Yes, we provide training for the landlords and agents that enroll to Revenue Stadia.