Awali Estate is a luxurious gated community set on 20 acres of Vipingo Development Company and it’s located in Vipingo, Kilifi. It comprises of 74 units with a mix of 38 bungalows and 36 maisonette all of them being three-bedroom and DSQ units. The estate is an all-round healthy environment supported by a wide range of sports and recreational amenities which includes a swimming pool, green parks and children play areas. The units are suitable for residence, holiday home and an excellent investment as a rental, Airbnb, with exceptional support from the estate management.

The estate managers purchased Smart Water Meters from Revenue Stadia in 2021. They reported that the obstacles that came with the use of the traditional water meters was the lack of reliability on them to provide accurate results and billing information every time collections were made. The homeowners in Awali could wait on the managers to do the manual reading before making payments for water, this was not convenient for the homeowners too. After the installation of our Smart Water Meters, Awali Estate Managers reported the following benefits:

  • Centralized billing system.
  • Water leakages could be detected earlier.
  • Saved movement times.
  • Encouraged water conservation.
  • Encourage efficient distribution of water.
  • In long term lower overall water consumption would reduce cost of investing in unnecessary reservoirs, leading to even lower water bills.