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Booking Management

Revenue Stadia provides an incredible guest/vacation experience which is smooth, relaxed, and effortless from start to end. To help you give your guests a 10 out of 10 experience, these are some of the basic requirements for hosting on Revenue Stadia.

Before accepting guests in your vacation rentals

  • Setting and managing expectations with pictures and videos
    • Pictures and videos speak louder than words when you’re planning to share your guest house/rental property with guests from around the globe. A guest looking to book a house for a vacation will need to be in a comfortable place to enjoy their holiday. Share photos and videos to show the unique features of your house to the guests. This is one way to help you have a competitive advantage.
  • Show the best sides of your property
    Clean your property and make sure everything is spotless before your guests arrive. There are so many things you can do to make sure that your house is ready for visitors. Consider these tips:
    • Dining room: For centuries now, most would a more likely to gather around a dining room/table to get food, have conversations, grab a drink, or just hang out. You can leave something that is of personal touch to make your visitors feel valued and enjoy their stay at your guest house/vacation rental. Leaving a note, a bottle of wine, or nicely spread-out flowers. Make sure the interior of your house is looking good, if you can, reach out to your guests before they arrive just to make sure you have something in the house they can relate with.
    • Kitchen: Stock basic items in your kitchen like coffee, tea, and sugar among other simple food staffs.
    • Living area: These people are coming to relax and have a good time during their stay. Leave the area relaxed with some coffee, blankets and nice pillows, and a shelf of books.
    • Bathroom: Sock this area with enough towels and toiletries for your guests
  • Fill out your host profile
    • Your host profile allows you to add a personal touch to your property page and introduce yourself to potential guests. Add details about yourself along with a clear photo, share must-see places in your neighborhood, and highlight key features of your property. This will give guests a reason to book your guesthouse if you provide what they are looking for.
  • Check-in process
    • Guests provide a time that they expect to arrive at your property for checking in. if your guests fail to give an arrival time during booking, always follow up with them via phone call or a text for you to be ready to help them check-in seamlessly.
    • If you cannot meet your guest in person, always make sure important details of their check-in process are left where they can be found easily. Such information could be where they can find keys to their guest house/vacation rentals.

You’ve accepted visitors into your guests, what next?

  • Provide a personalized experience
    • Creating personalized experiences for your guests makes their stay a more memorable one. Do something that would make your guests want to want to leave a good review on your property. A good example is giving your guests a neighborhood guide that is tailored towards their interests and hobbies.
  • Make communication easy
    • Flowless communication is something guests find important. Make sure communication between you and your guests is effective.
  • Be available for assistance
    • Be available to answer any questions that your guests will have. It doesn’t matter if it is through a phone call, an email, a text, or a communication platform from Revenue Stadia. Answering their questions instantly and providing them with solutions will go a long way to create a long-lasting impact on your guests and they will leave good reviews on your property.


  • Check-out process
    • Checkout processes are much faster and more straightforward compared to the check-in process. Always see your guests off whenever you can. If you can’t bid them goodbye, make sure they know when they are supposed to check out and where they can leave your key.
  • Positive guest reviews
    • When guests leave positive reviews on their stay at your vacation rentals it means they had a good time and loved their stay. Make it a point to respond to these reviews with short and personal stories. You’re more likely to create guest loyalty and get more visitors.
  • Negative guest reviews
    • Critical reviews should be a learning opportunity to improve the experience of guests that will book your vacation rental in the future. Look for specific things mentioned in the review that you could improve and work on them. For instance, if they mention Wi-Fi that is slow or not working, fix this before your next guest arrives. Acknowledge the review and mention the steps you’re taking to improve so that people will know you take feedback and work on them. This will build trust.

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  • We charge lower commissions.
  • We give you a dynamic link on your website, which means you control when your property goes online.