The size and location of the community presented unique challenges in property and utility management with the developer experiencing steep costs for water treatment due to the saline nature of water in the coastal region. This resulted in revenue leakages and inconsistent water supply, which was a major challenge for the developer.

Our team partnered with the management at 1255 Palm Bridge to provide a comprehensive solution to their challenges: recognizing the importance of revenue assurance, uninterrupted services, and fostering their ROI. We empowered them with a customized and working solution to meet their unique needs covering:

  • Smart water metering

    Saline water requires additional treatment, which can be costly. Our solution enabled the monitoring of water usage in real-time, allowing for early detection of leaks and reducing water waste by management. By making residents aware of their water usage patterns, they were able to adjust their behavior toward conservation

  • Rent, service charge and maintenance management

    The automation of the tracking of sign-ups/exits/renewals, billing and collection and provide detailed reports on that made it easier to monitor expenses and allocate costs thereby ensuring the smooth and profit able operation of the property.

Overall, Revenue Stadia’s property management tools supported revenue growth, cost savings and sustainability for this coastal development contributing to a positive living experience for residents.